Welcome to Life’s Sprinkles and Coffee

This website is a collaborative project between three cousins, who’s always looking for something new, and who love, love, love to write about different stuffs — like food, travel, books and many more. Our goal is to share our insights and experiences on anything and everything, wherever, whenever and whatever comes our way, one article at a time.

The three niña writers are: Yelle, Kariopes and Bekka. Yelle is a certified digital nomad. Currently she is a freelance writer, specializing in peoples relationship and current trend reports. She also is a coffee junkie, who likes to watch YouTube vloggers, and has a dog, named Choco. Kariopes, the other coffee addict, is a novice writer, an amateur travel blogger, a trigger happy Shutterbug, and a part-time Dreamcatcher rolled in one. She is an introvert, who loves to bake, watch movies, listen to old music, bike, UNIQLO and read, read, read. The third niña is Bekka. She is a communications graduate, who loves arts and crafts, decorating, a foodie and has a good sense in business. She also has a dog, named Cooper.

We hope our stories will open your mind and curiosity; inspire and amuse you out of your daily urban toxic life; as well as, motivate and guide you to have a better judgement and positive outlook. So go out there, wander and live life…

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– The three niñas

P.S. A big thanks to Rob and Aron for their help with this site.