By Kariopes

I love Banapple in President’s Avenue. They offer an array of food selections in their menu, from rice meals to pastas to desserts; and they also offer sandwiches, from Sandwicheese. We like dining here especially if one us is craving rice and the other is craving pasta. It is a meeting point, or a meeting half-way, to appease our hungry selves.

Entering the establishment, we are welcomed by the counter. We normally seat first then order in the counter area. There are a few seats on the first level, but more seats are available upstairs. The tables are clean with only a small signage of their special offers. Also, as I look up, there is a charming hanging chandelier that compliment the clean and stylish set-up.

Here are some of the food selections that I have tried and recommend.

Baked Creamy Cheesy Penne is a hearty, rich meal with gooey melted cheese. The serving is good for one, but it surely gave my belly full satisfaction. It is also served with two slices of bread to complete the meal.

Another entree that I like is Hickory Smoked Barbecued Ribs. The ribs are tender and the sauce is really good. It is served with garlic rice and corn on the side. It is pretty hefty and has left me quite contented.

Fettuccine Jacintha is another creamy pasta dish with white sauce, topped with bacon bits and parmesan cheese. It is a delight on the palate. A gastronomic delight that  also comes with two slices of bread.

Chicken Parmigiano is a rice meal. It is fried breaded breast of chicken, served with red sauce and topped with parmesan cheese. It comes with steamed carrots on the side. It is a hearty, simple but familiar meal.

For dessert, I have tried the White Chocolate Truffle Berry Cheesecake and the Banoffee Pie. Although I find the crust a bit hard, both are quite good. If I have to choose between the two, I definitely would go for the Banoffee Pie. Maybe I’m just partial, but I just really like bananas in desserts. 

There are still a lot I have not tried at Banapple that I’m looking forward to come back for. 

Note: Banapple is located at President’s Grove, BF Homes

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