Gobbled Up

By Bekka

We had a late lunch at Cafe France. My cousin and I were in a hurry to finish up. We ordered for their combo, which is a good deal for 299. It goes with a drink, soup, choice of pasta, sandwich and a salad, not bad for the price.

I ordered for salmon pasta, roast beef sandwich and fruity nutty salad. It was good, except the pasta can be cooked better, and it was slightly dry. The quality of food was much better when they were at Pergola. My cousin settled for carbonara, ceasar salad and seafood sandwich. The serving for the combo was just right.

The cafe moved to President Avenue beside KFC with limited parking. They changed their interior of the place, and now they have a rustic ambience, which is better. They are also selling paintings on the side, featuring new Pinoy artist. They used to have a lot of pastry and bread for sale, I’m wondering why its limited now. The dining experience was just average for my taste.

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