City of Pines: Camp John Hay

By Kariopes

Let’s head to the Summer Capital of Luzon, Baguio! It is one of the many cities that Manilenos, like myself, love to visit. And so, I just have to write about this little city on top of a plateau.  

As far as I can remember, my family has been going to Baguio City since I was a kid, when wearing the Wedge hairstyle was still popular. I remember the long roads, but mostly the winding road, which always made me puke. The first time we stayed there, we checked-in at a hotel near Burnham Park, where Imelda Marcos’ huge roses abound. The roses were as big as an adults hand wide open, and they were quite fragrant and beautiful. The smell of the pines and the cool foggy weather were also refreshing and invigorating to the senses. It was just so wonderful back then…

Now, the City of Pines is but overpopulated. The pines are almost gone, except maybe at Camp John Hay, which is getting smaller as well due to establishments here and there. One of the attractions, in Camp John Hay that we have recently visited is the Mile Hi Center. It is known for their outlet stores. The place is not that big, just a small strip with a few branded storefronts and some eateries. 

Just a few steps and a winding pathway up is the Manor. A well known, expensive hotel in the area. Our friend wanted us to see it, so her husband decided to have an afternoon coffee, while we looked around. We went directly at the sitting/lounge area that reminded me of a darkwood wall panelled library, or salon, with a huge fireplace, which was all present in the big room, by the way. We then headed out the terrace, going to the lawn at the back. It was nice with well manicured lawn, a small pond somewhere in the middle and a playground for children. It made me think of the show, Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.

Another Camp John Hay activity is the Treetop Adventure. They offer a variety of extreme activities like, zipline, silver surfer, etc. Unfortunately, we did not have the time to check them out. However, I had a previous article on Treetop Adventure in Subic, entitled Kaintsikan Deals: Tree Top Experience…  Please check out this link

The place is also known for its golf course. It is probably one of the best places to golf since the weather is, I think perfect. Cool but not breezy. However, I’m not an expert on this sport, and it is best if you contact your local hotel for information.

For a place to eat, we have tried Pizza Volante at the Technohub. They serve Italian and Asian cuisine. We ordered different varieties to try. I thought, all in all, the food, ambience and service were all good. I wouldn’t mind going back to this place to try out what the other restaurant establishments offer.

These are just a few of the things to do at Camp John Hay. I’m pretty sure, if given the time plus the perfect weather, there are more to these activities we can add. 

City of Pines, to be continued…      

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