Down Memory Lane

By Bekka

I grew up in a family, who likes to eat out. Milky way is one of the restaurant, where my dad used to take us out as a kid. Every time we eat here, it’s like going down memory lane.

I was craving for “dinuguan” (pork blood stew). Their version is with a twist of sampaloc (tamarind) that adds distinct flavor to the stew. While mom wanted to eat “sotanghon” (bean-thread noodles). No matter what you order in this restaurant, it is religiously good. Filipino comfort food, value for money.

Their staff has been with them for 15 years or so that would speak how loyal they are in the company. After having a satisfying meal, we will not miss their home made ice cream treat, and how do you know our favorite avocado is served that day.

My family and I will always go back to Milky Way, it definitely satisfied our cravings and quality service.

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