Breathe Easy

By Bekka

It’s time to relax and enjoy with my sister and my cousin. We wanted to unwind, so we opted to go to BF Resort since we were in the area. We went to The Beachy Plate. We want to check out restaurants along Las Pinas for a change. Though I’ve been in this place before, during that time, they have limited selection in their menu. Even if it is an outdoor experience, there were no mosquitos in the area.

We ordered for a bucket, but the package that goes with it, which is grilled fish, was not available. We settled for grilled frank sausage and potato wedges topped with melted cheese, nothing spectacular for the price.

The staff were accommodating and on their toes. When it was time to use the rest room, the floor was wet with no flush, it’s time to have it fixed. The location is accessible and with parking. The resto bar is not playing loud music, so you can still have a conversation with your companion.

I enjoyed the company of my family more than anything else. You wouldn’t mind the small things as long as your engaged with the conversation you’re having. No matter where you are, what is more important is the time spent worth while.

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