A Place to Stop-by

By Kariopes

Woke up early today because we had something planned to do. Something for the Christmas Holidays. Yep, this early. Besides it is already the -Ber Months, the start of Christmas Season here in the Philippines. Majority of the stores and malls, as well as the roads are now showcasing Chirstmasy stuff.

Anyhow, Yelle was driving today. We were heading to Tambo, Paranaque. But since it was already lunch, we decided to stop at a popular longtime local carinderia, Maty’s, known for their beef tapa. Yelle said there are actually three of them in the same Avenue, but she opted for the original location. However, there was no parking; and with the new ‘no parking on major thoroughfare’ ordinance from the local government, Yelle was forced to walk a bit from parking to Maty’s.

We ordered their tapsilog, which if you are not yet familiar with Filipino food terms means tap- for tapa, -si for sinangag and -log for itlog. It is basically a common food combination of fried beef, fried rice and a sunny side up. So what makes their tapa different? I noticed that the beef was shredded, which normally is served in thin slices. The marination was also a bit sweet and buttery, not the typical vinegary, garlicy, salty taste. I guess, that is their selling point to students and the locals, plus the fact that it is affordable. Yelle also gave me a tip on how to make the dipping sauce. Put some white vinegar on a sauce plate, add banana ketchup, put a dash of salt, add a bird’s eye chili and mix. It was my first to try this with my tapa, and it was ok.

We also ordered their Pansit Canton. My first forkful, I noticed that there was something malansa, or a foretaste. My cousin said that it probably had to do with the chicken liver. But I doubt it since I have eaten quite a few pansit here and there. Anyways, you pay for what you are served, value meal.

Because of the aftertaste of the pansit, we decided to try their Leche Flan, or custard. It was creamy and prepared the old fashioned way using egg yolks only and probably sieved before steaming. We ended up eating it before we could take a picture, but the lady in the counter was nice enough to give us another one, just for photo ops purposes.

I now see why Maty’s is quite popular. The place was clean enough. The service was good. The staff were friendly. And the food was passable and value for the money. Their only problem is parking. A carinderia that has surpassed time, and maybe once in a while a place to stop-by just to lend support.  

However, continuing on with our business of the day, we headed to the place near Baclaran. We collected the information and samples we needed for our project. And pretty much left with a bit of a smile. It was a day of learning. Here’s to hoping for a productive Christmas Season. 

Note: Maty’s is located at Quirino Avenue, Don Galo, Paranaque CIty

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