Sea Creatures

By Kariopes

Going to the Aquariums is quite fascinating. The ocean underworld is a wonderment in itself. It is nature individually created, uniquely shaped and a fanfare of different colors. I just love walking through them at Manila Ocean Park.

When in Manila, I really suggest spending a day at Manila Ocean Park. It is really educational and provides information on how we can preserve and conserve our marine environment, which as we all know is in dire need of our help. Their Day Tour Packages starts at P399 to P995 per person depending on the attractions you are interested in. Some of the attractions are the Oceanarium, Sea Lion Show, All Star Bird Show, Symphony Evening Show and many more.

Here are a few pictures that I have taken. Enjoy!

It has been quite some time, when I last visited the place. I don’t mind going back to see more of these amazing sea creatures.

Note: Manila Ocean Park is located at Independence Road, Luneta Manila

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