Duterte City Adventure: Samal Island

By Kariopes

We were overly excited on our second day in Davao. We woke up early because we booked an Island Hopping Tour at wayph.com a group joiner boat tour to Samal Island. An excited, yay! Mind you, this is a tour you shouldn’t miss. Anyhow, we did not eat breakfast and took a taxi straight to the Santa Ana Wharf. We were hoping there would be some food stands, but alas, there were none in sight around 7AM. So I suggest, either wake up early for breakfast at the hotel you’re staying in, or drive thru somewhere before reaching the wharf. We were pointed to MV Jhuniel, our assigned boat. 

As the first ones aboard the big boat, we were able to take pictures here and there, as well as saved the best seat on board. The tour takes about 8 hours, which includes a buffet lunch in one of the islands. One by one, group by group our travel partners started arriving. However, the tour did not start on time because there were two late passengers. It annoyed a lot of people, and they clapped at the two latecomers. We were oriented on the five sightseeing sites that we would be visiting and happily enjoyed the quiet waves as the boat trudged along. 

Our first stop was Talikud Island. Just a quick stopover to drop-off the food for lunch. The crew handling the food marched down the gangplank to the beach, each carrying foil trays. Anyhow, as the last one was brought down, we were told that we would be heading to a swimming and snorkeling site, Angels Cove. There was no beach to step foot on. Just a stretch of underwater corals near an island. We took a quick dip in the cool waters. Good thing I brought my snorkeling mask, which I shared with my brother. He’s cheap in some instances, haha; and so we took turns looking at the rocky corals. I was hoping to see live colorful, swaying corals and many colored fishies.

After about a good hour and a bit more, we headed back to Talikud Island, also to swim, relax on the white sandy beach and take some awesome, instagrammable pictures, while our lunch was being cooked and prepared. I really enjoyed this island. I liked the on your own island exploration, the many intriguing structures and amusing stuff left for tourists to make use of. It was a picture perfect haven among all the islands. We were only herded to the buffet table, when they rang the bell. We fell in line with the rest of the group, as well as, another group from a different boat. The food was, in all respect, pretty good. Here is a picture of my plate before I ate it.

After eating, we were given a few minutes to board the boat to our next destination, which was Babu Santa Island. It was another swimming and snorkeling site. There were more fishies in this part, than Angels Cove. And likewise, I ended up exchanging snorkeling mask and camera with my brother. 

Anyhow, it is getting late as I typed this in. And so I stop here for now. Until tomorrow…

To be continued…

Note: Here is a quick link of my Duterte City Adventure Part 1, if you haven’t read it yet.

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