Let’s go, Chachago!

By Yelle

Chachago is another welcoming milk tea invasion from Taiwan. They first opened their first store in the Philippines in 2018. Being addicted to milk tea, I know I have to go and try this one!

This place offers not just milk teas but fruit juices and some cold beverages that are Yakult infused ones.

We’ve been to this place twice and in both occasions, it didn’t fail my companions and me.

The first time we visited the place, I ordered brown sugar pearl milk tea. My sister opted for their cold beverage. She got herself a lychee drink while our cousin ordered California mix fruit tea.

This trio didn’t disappoint us. Their tastes are all amazingly wonderful. My order, brown sugar pearl milk tea was heavenly delectable. Likewise, my sister enjoyed her lychee drink till its last drop. My cousin’s reaction was a two thumbs-up for her California mix fruit tea. It was refreshingly cold and tastes great.

On our second visit, we ordered a different set of drinks. We want to taste as much different offerings as we could. Drumroll please! Here’s the next line-up of drinks we ordered.

I ordered roasted brown sugar tea with salted cheese cream this time. Instead of adding black or white pearls in to it, I added fruity pudding. It’s still heavenly for me!

My niece, on the other hand, ordered their signature Chacahago milk tea with pearls. It’s one of their bestsellers along with brown sugar pearl milk tea, lychee drink, California mix fruit tea, Chachago taro with milk and matcha with ice cream.

For the second time, my sister ordered a lychee drink but this time with milk. It’s another delicious and invigorating drink.

Lastly, our cousin ordered roasted brown sugar cocoa with salted cheese cream. She wasn’t happy or satisfied with her drink since for her, it only tasted like Milo with ice. Uhmmm, I tasted it and yeah, it just tasted like the chocolate drink, Milo.

Aside from their beverages, they have three side orders under Food Stuffs. They only have three choices namely Taiwan sausage, chicken pops and pork chops. They are all reasonably priced and we ordered the Taiwan sausage and chicken pops.

Taiwan sausage

The Taiwan sausage was oily, and it tastes different from all the sausages we’ve tried. We didn’t enjoy this much.

Chicken pops

The chicken pops sadly didn’t also pass our taste. It was cooked perfectly, but it was way too salty. All you can taste is salt.

Overall, Chachago is a great place for milk teas and juices. They have a clean, well designed and well-planned place. The prices are all reasonable and affordable. They have a parking place in front and has a restroom in the place.

I just hope they can improved on their food selections that will make it the perfect place to hang-out and enjoy their fabulous drinks.

Chachago Milk Tea
Aguirre Ave, BF Homes, Parañaque

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