Duterte City Adventure: Downtown Davao

By Kariopes

Today we woke up early to pack our bags, but our flight was not until later in the day. It was our last day, and decided to do our DIY walking tour of downtown city Davao. We left our bags at the lobby and headed out the door. 

We had difficulty riding a jeepney, and ended up just taking the taxi to San Pedro Cathedral for early mass. Afterwards, we decided to eat a quick breakfast at Jollibee. We walked to Rizal Park and Quezon Park for some pictures. Nothing much here, just the regular open courtyard with the statue of our National Hero Jose Rizal. It is a place for the locals to stroll and maybe seat and relax after work. 

We then walked to take a peek at Museo Dabawenyo. The museum is free and taking photos were not allowed in the museum itself, but allowed at the souvenir shop and reception area. It was a pretty interesting short tour about the city and the whole of Davao.

A couple of blocks away was the D’ Bone Collector Museum. It was quite an exhausting walk and the place was still closed when we arrived. We waited a bit and as soon as they opened the gate, we were led to the ticketing booth with the awe so wonderful air conditioned reception area. The ticket was 100php per person for the guided tour. We were looking around at the bone collections at the reception area, when another group arrived. It was the same people at the Museo Dabawenyo tour. What a coincidence. I guess we were of the same mind. 

Our guided tour started right after another couple came in. We were led from bone case after bone case and from room after room. It was creepy in a way looking at the many bones connected to each bone parts to replicate a live animal. I guess it was also interesting; but looking at them alive running around in open fields or jungles would have been better. However, we came out a little wiser as well since we learned that the main cause of deaths by dolphins and whales were sea garbage. It was so sad since we humans are the culprit behind these many garbages that end in the oceans. We are the culprit for open fields and jungles becoming smaller and smaller, where these animals live. And we are the culprit behind global warming that cause the extinction of some of these animals. 

Next we went to People’s Park, where a pigeon poop almost landed on my head. We were waiting for the park to open, which to our surprise was pretty late. There were bronze statues of children at play, men and women at work in the fields, and music blaring in the background. We just walked and took pictures here and there and left to almost an hour later since it was so hot. There was a pasalubong, or gift, center, where we were able to taste the Frozen Durian Cake. It was a refreshing cooling relief from the hot afternoon sun. We bought a couple of knick knacks only.

Lastly, we walked to Alvinco Pasalubong Shopping, where we overpaid for a box of pomelo. A whopping 600php for a box, which carried about 9 pieces. But when we passed by the street vendors, they were selling 450php per box. Ohh well. You win some and lose some as they say. We went around a bit and bought a couple of more knick knacks for family and friends. 

We went back to the hotel to repack our newly acquired stuff, then walked to Abreeza Mall to kill time until 5PM. We tried their tricycle going back to the hotel and paid 7php per person. We freshened up and did a quick change of clothes on the hotel comfort room before taking a taxi to the airport.

Three nights and four days of sightseeing adventure in Davao. A wonderful place to visit with an interestingly durian smelling city. Some bucket list checked off. And as Henry our tour driver said, there are still more to see. So for now, Goodbye Davao! Until next time…

The End

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