Where is the Treat?

By Kariopes

“Saan ang blowout?” (where is the treat happening?) Here in the Philippines, expect friends from all walks of life to ask you this. It is a tradition that the birthday celebrant treats people out whether at a home, or restaurant setting. It is like an unwritten law that one should abide; so last month, it was my turn.

I decided to treat my two fave cousins, Yelle and Bekka at Affordable Gourmet. If you have not read it yet, I featured this as my top 3 best food at a tasting event. Here is a quick link A New Know-how.

It was Bekka’s turn to drive that rainy day, and Yelle was the navigator, since she knew the street address. We thought we were lost and was about to call. Bekka was already pulling up, when, aha! this was the place. It was there in front of us.

We immediately went in and was greeted by the attendant. The place was not that big but had a pleasant atmosphere, white brick walls and an entire wall of glass to let in the light. It was cosy. We decided on the table by the window. On the table was a basket, utensils in a clear glass, straws in a honey jar, toothpicks in a bulb jar, and some seasonings. It was subtle artsy. We were handed the menu right away. There were not that many selections, but may appeal to anyone.

Bekka was the first to order. She said she wanted to try the Baked Salmon with Pita bread and soda. The salmon slice was huge. We each took a forkful to try. It was yummy! It was a good call.

Yelle, on the other hand ordered the American Barbeque Ribs and a soda. The meat really absorbed the marination used. Even with the strong barbeque sauce, the herbs can be tasted. The mashed potatoes was creamy. It was, all in all, satisfactory for both me and Yelle.

Lastly, for myself, I decided on Thai Sinigang with their house blend iced tea. I went for this because it was something different. The soup base was tangy and spicy, the chicken was really tender and tasty, and the mushrooms were all so good. I really liked it. The iced tea which was homemade was in a nice container, and was also agreeable.

We really recommend trying out this hole in the wall at BF Resort, Las Pinas. It is value for money, the servings were quite hefty in our case, and the plating was pleasing to the eye. Besides that, the service was competent, and they were able to serve the food in good time. We were talking afterwards that they already par cooked the food, and probably vacuumed sealed it, which only needed a little bit of heating. Also, if I have not mentioned it yet, the chef is a caterer. At any rate, this food escapade was enjoyable for us trio, and we don’t mind going back for more.

Affordable Gourmet is located at Block 3 Lot 28 Unit 5 & 6, BF Resort Talon Dos, Las Pinas City  

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