Attack of the Bees

By Kariopes

I woke up very early today, 2 o’clock in the wee hours of the morning to be exact, this was because my classmates and I were going to the wet market in Alabang. I am more a grocery supermarket client than a public market one, and so this would be my first time to buy there. I waited for my friends to arrive and wandered to the different stalls of dry goods, like kitchenwares store, snacks store, kitchen ingredients and so forth. However, I did not find the vegetable drop off, which was the main reason we decided to go there. We were to buy vegetables for our atchara, or pickled vegetables for the bazaar next week.

Anyways, I found my friends and they led the way to the drop off point. It was on the other side from where I was wandering about. We walked the side street where the vegetables were laid out on the sidewalk. Piles of different fresh produce inside large plastic were laid out for clients to choose, pick, weighed and pay for. With awe, we were able to buy our supplies very cheaply. Not much haggling needed since it was rock bottom price already. Our guy friend lugged the bag full of vegetables while we went to the dry goods section for some other stuff. It was interesting, but I really enjoyed our little excursion, which was a new know-how for me. 

Afterwards, we went to my house, and we started preparing our project. We peeled, chopped and grated while buzzing sounds increased in the background. I told my friends there were “killer” bees outside the window. I just call them killer bees, but they are not. Anyways, they were attracted to the kitchen light above our heads, and for some reason they were able to get in the house. They were getting very disruptive and getting nearer to us. We got scared we might get stung, and ran out of the room. The funny thing was, the boy with us was the first one to run out, which made me laugh out loud while running the same direction.

We decided to move out of the room and left the bees in the dark. The buzzing subsided. We worked until the sun went up and until the sun was about to set. The bees that were able to get in at the wee hours of the morning now lay dead on the kitchen sink. 

It was my first time to wake up that early and use the kitchen lights. I didn’t know that the bees would be able to get in and get agitated with the lights. It was a terrifying and at the same time funny thing, the attack of the bees…    

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