The Importance of Goals

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City life can be toxic sometimes. It drains us from the inside that we feel lousy sucked in the daily grind of an 8 hour shift. This is just but normal, life is not served in a golden plate. We have to work on it, and it is through setting goals that we can achieve a meaningful life.

What is a goal?

A Goal is a plan that a person wants to achieve or experience. It all depend on each individual on how to go about it. It can be financial, physical, psychological, spiritual, you name it. But mind you, there are times that we will encounter some obstacles that will hinder us in achieving a goal, or goals. This should not stop us though. Life doesn’t always go the way we want it. It is not always a straight path. Don’t lose hope though, look at the positive side, strive and don’t give up on it.

What does a goal or goals do for our well-being?

Setting a goal, can enrich our life. It gives us a purpose, a challenge that normally leads to a positive way of life. We work hard, sometimes twice as hard, just so, we can achieve a certain future plan, like maybe marriage, buying a house, travel and so forth. For me setting a travel bucket list, makes me want to work and do better. I think each of us has to set our own plans and take the necessary action to make it work; so that in doing so, can bring about a sense of achievement and triumph in ones self esteem.

A goal can also bring a positive mind-set. By giving time to oneself, instead of work work work, we can focus on the need to rejuvenate, relax, unwind and unload from our toxic city life. We need to free our mind once in a while of work for a better outlook and frame of thinking. A good way for me is by reading a book or watching a movie. It is easily accessible, and it entertains me without spending too much. Another favorite of mine is travel. However, this for me takes some effort, time and money. The excitement of seeing a new place, immersing in another culture, eating local food and so on, can be exhilarating and rejuvenating. I think each of us have our way of relaxing and unwinding, it is just but giving time and importance to oneself that matters.

In the end, goals are what makes us who we are today, but taking action and working on it is twice as important for it is who we can be, or going to be. So just keep on planning and setting up goals. What are you waiting for? Reflect, make your list, dream big, for who knows what our future brings.

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