Lunch with Amigas

By Bekka

Another delightful lunch out with my friends at Rockwell. I suggested for us to eat at Via Mare, since I haven’t been back there for quite sometime.

I was craving for puto bumbóng, which is “purple rice” cooked inside bamboo tubes and their quesong puti, “white cheese” and is its name in the provinces of Laguna and Bulacan. My friends ordered for spicy tuyo, “dried fish,” adobong pusit, “squid adobo” and palitaw, “rice cake.”

This restaurant has been around for four decades consistently serving quality Filipino dishes. The staff are friendly and value for money. They have a lot of branches to choose from if you want to eat good food. Dining with your friends is always a fun experience. To good food and to to good life.

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