Eat on a Dime

By Kariopes

One night Bekka, who was in the area, asked me to accompany her for dinner and talked some-some. We didn’t know whether she should turn left or right on the stoplight ahead, as she was driving along towards the restaurant-lined street of Aguirre. I was no help and just said anywhere was fine. So on the last minute, she veered the car to turn left. We ended up at Larcy’s.

We climbed the side staircase and decided on al fresco seating that night. Bekka noticed the owner, who was a classmate of her sister, and greeted her. Anyways, it was not that hot, but the attendant was nice enough to bring out an electric fan for us. We were given the menu and orders were taken. I ordered Tuna Cheese Melt Panini with Americano coffee, while she ordered Penne Pesto with Hungarian and Chocolate Caramel Cupcake, which we shared.

After a few minutes, the cupcake, which was on top of a small cute cupcake stand, was served together with my coffee. The cake was deliciously rich and moist, and the caramel on top was just right. It was a bit sweet but with my coffee, it balanced the sweetness, and it was perfect. I finished most of it since Bekka could eat only a bit. She’s not that fond of cakes, or cupcakes, shhh.

Our orders came next. The Panini was good. It had this ooey-gooey cheese which for some reason did not totally overpower the tuna flavour. It was filling, and I was only able to finish half of the sandwich; also hahaha maybe because I ate most of the cupcake beforehand.

Bekka’s Penne was also fine and filling, according to her. She said they did not skimp on the ingredients, and the portion was just right.

As we asked for our bill, and waiting for our change and take out half-sandwich, we were discussing that with the ambience, service and food, it was worth the price. A money’s worth. The place is nice and instagramable with comfy seating, nice wall decorations, a balcony seating for smokers and a clean bathroom. According to my cousin, this was the first cupcakery in the area, and now we know why repeat clients come and go to this eat on a dime, hole on the wall restaurant. It is a wonderful place to seat, relax and eat. A place, I don’t mind going back for more.

Note: Larcy’s is located at the second floor 178 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes, Paranaque

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