When Hunger Talks

By Kariopes

We were early for an event because it was our first time to go up north of Manila. We didn’t know how the traffic would go, where to park and where to look for the show. And so, as not to get late we commuted a tad early and arrived at the place without any hitch. We were hungry though, so letting our hunger choose the restaurant, we readily went in Café Mary Grace.

The place was not crowded , and we were able to get a seat right away. The interior décor was nice and had a comfortable feel to it—relaxing and not too noisy, except for some girls on the next table. The table was wood and glass, wherein doilies and some handwritten notes left behind by some satisfied customers, was artfully arranged under the glass. There was a number on the table and a lighted votive candle. It was clean and appealing.

As we perused the menu, the waitress served two glasses and a carafe of water. It took me a while to choose since it was pricey. We ended ordering the following:

For appetizer since we were hungry already, we ordered the Artichoke Cream Cheese Dip with Melba Toasts.  The dip was an effortless concoction and taste as such, simple and creamy. I thought, I could make this at home easy-peasy. Anyway, we dived into it, as soon as I took a picture and finished it a little bit after our main course was served.

The next order we had was the Vigan Longganisa (pork sausage) and Kesong Puti (or goats cheese) Sandwich. I liked it, even though it was a bit messy to eat. The longganisa was in bits, but you could still taste it even with all the garnishes. I liked that it was served in a French baguette. I ate it using my fork and knife.

Then there was the Classic Carbonara. It was really good. I liked the chunks of bacon, the mushrooms and the creaminess of the sauce. It was not salty, except for the garlic bread, and I could tell they did not cut back on the ingredients. I finished it in a jiffy.

And because my partner felt a bit too satiated with the longganisa, we ordered a to-share dessert, Mary Grace Cheesecake with strawberry glaze. It was rich and just the right sweetness. We both loved it. And since we were not in any hurry, we ate it blissfully at our leisure.

It seemed the norm of the café was to place the receipt under the table number, and the waitress checked everything as the orders were served. This practice was the only thing I find unfavorable. But nonetheless, as I looked at the bill, I was not that shocked at the total amount. I already perceived it beforehand. As I think about it, with the seating set-up, and over all ambience and quality of food, it was a reasonable price. This was not my first time at this eatery. I may not eat here as often, or by myself.  But I wouldn’t  mind trying out their other fares with the right company and when hunger talks.   

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