A Mom and Pop’s Diner

By Kariopes

If you are into eating breakfast out, one of the few places you can get your fix is at Ritchie’s Diner. They offer a variety of selections starting with the All Day Breakfast local faves, like longanisa, tocino, bangus, and a couple of more that comes with a goodly portion of garlic fried rice and two eggs. And to boot, they offer unli-coffee until 11AM with these orders. Here are some of the All Breakfast orders we have tried:

One of my favorite is the Pork Liempo. It was really crispy, which is how I like it. Also, it was not greasy.

This next one was my brother’s order, Chicken Salpicao. It is not the typical salpicao, in that it is made of chicken instead of red meat, and it does not have mushrooms. It was okay.

Fried Chicken Waffle was one of my brother’s order. I really liked the chrispy chicken, but the waffle was for me a bit tough. It was just okay.

However, they also offer sandwiches, Mexican food, pastas, burgers and even lamb steaks. Their portions are quite huge and value for money, I would say. Here are some we have tried:

Burrito. It is hearty looking, and it was according to my brother. Very filling.

Chorizo Quesadilla is one of my faves in this place. It was really good.

For burgers, I have tried the Boracay Burger and Bacon-Mushroom Burger. And as a burger kinda gal, both were not on my high list, but they were passable.

Spaghetti with Schublig Sausage and Sweet Spiced Tomato Sauce. It was pretty good. Not Jollibee like for sure.

All in all, the ambience is like a mom’s and pop’s 70’s diner, sofa booths, and cushioned chairs. It gives me the Riverdale feels, I just need to order their milkshake. They also have this wall with painted American actors, which makes you feel like you’re in America. We go here almost every month or every other month, and I still have to try a number of their food fare. It is our go-to brunch place, but of course they are open all day, so do drop-by anytime.

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