Nook and Coffee Love

By Kariopes

I so love, love coffee. I think, I have mentioned it already. However, my dentist will reprimand me for spending too much time in my favorite coffee nook. She will tell me that my coffee stained teeth will remain yellowish, with all my drinking caffeine. But alas, I am an addict; a junkie of coffee. So sorry doctor, but coffee is life.

Anyways, me and my cousin have been spending a lot of time together at one of our favorite place, Coffee Project. I drink coffee and she drinks water. Haha. Yup, she is not a coffee drinker but loves to hang out at Coffee Project because of its ambience. They have created their café like you are lounging in the house or terrace, wherein every nook and cranny is different. It is not noisy. I can just sit back and read a book, or type away without any care.

Picture of All Home Las Pinas Branch

Oh and by the way, I so like their comfort rooms. It is as chic and whimsical as the outside café. Really. I’m pretty sure one can just drink coffee in the loo, if etiquette permits. Here is a sample of the interior, mind you every store has a different theme.

Picture of the loo Vista Mall Las Pinas Branch

I think, the menu is quite satisfactory. They have a good selection. For iced coffee, I have tried the Ca Phe Sua Da because it is not available in other well known cafés. But mind you, it is quite strong. It can perk you up in an instant. For hot coffee, there is the Coffee Indochine, almost like latte. Also you can request to have it served in mugs if you are dining in, which is a more environment friendly way to help our planet. And then, there are the usual Americano, Cappuccino, Espresso, Frappe and so forth.

Picture of Coffee Indochine

But wait, don’t forget to try their cheesecakes. They are so all too wonderful. Everytime I look at them, I feel like drooling. It is so creamy and just the right sweetness that really goes well with the coffee. Just writing about it now really makes me ravenous and hungry for a slice.

Picture of Salted Caramel Cheesecake

Price-wise, I think it a little bit pricey for the average worker. It is not as crowded yet on some branches and with the café floor layout, the well decorated setting, it is understandable. The charge of each item of food and drink is worth it and worth coming back for.

I think, Coffee Project is a relaxing place to sit and sip coffee with good friends. It just might be what you are looking for; just the right nook for a coffee lover. Enjoy.

(updated) Note: I hope, this decorative trend by restaurants and cafés, will not go. So, let us support our local businesses, visit one of the Coffee Project outlets.

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