A Burst of Food Craving

By Kariopes

There are times when we crave for something different to eat. It is just that for me earlier today. I was craving for food my family does not go to that often, and that is Japanese. However, I just know the right place to go for a quick craving fix. There is a small eatery in Pergola Lifestyle Mall that I like going to, the name is Hocho. 

As you walk in this tuck in the wall, small restaurant, a waitress acknowledges you and give a menu right away. The seating is not that many, but quite comfortable. I normally seat at the sidewall, because the bench there is cushioned where I can just seat quietly and observe the activity of the place, or the people walking by outside. Sometimes I dabble with my cellphone, but sometimes people watching is just the thing. 


Anyhow, there are quite a number of items in their menu that you can choose from that are reasonably priced, but the best one for me, that had left a mark in my head and palate is their Shrimp Tempura Bento. I loved the crispiness of the shrimp. I can eat it without dunking it in the sauce. The only thing missing I think is some wasabi, but you can maybe ask for some. 

For a smaller serving, and when I’m not too hungry, I order the Shrimp Tempura Donburi. Basically, it is just rice and viand in a bowl, no side dish, except for the dipping sauce.   


Also, I’ve tried their Chicken Teriyaki Bento. It comes with rice, miso soup, green salad, some fruit and drink. The chicken is well seasoned and with just the right sweetness to it. I liked the warm miso soup as well. 

Their Tuna Maki is also okay and just a plate or one order is quite filling already. 

Pricewise, all seems to be affordable for a Japanese fare. It is reasonable. The service and crew are accommodating, like one time I had a cake delivery, which I had to leave my cake and food order to run to the grocery store. This was without paying yet. The attendant was nice enough to hold on to my seat and kept my order warm in their kitchen. 

And so, with everything said and done, Hocho is a restaurant I really recommend. There are still a lot I have not tried in their menu, and I surely will come back when a burst of food craving arises. 

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