Where Cows are Said to Fly: North Island Tour Continued

By Kariopes

After the dark tight hole of a cave opening at the Japanese Hideout. We headed to the beautiful scenic beach, Valugan Boulder Beach. It is my first time to see a beach pebbled by big and small boulder rocks. The dark rocks constrasting with the colod bluish sea and whitish foam of the crashing waves. It is a serene and tranquil place. I’m pretty sure I could just seat at stare and listen to it for long hours if given the chance. But alas, we had to move on to our next destination.

We were next brought to the Basco Lighthouse. As we drove closer and closer, its solitary tall presence was just wonderful to see. I could just imagine it at night beaming and casting with it a bright light as it guided ships and boats near-by. There is a souvenir shop and you could climb the steps to the balcony, where you can view the city of Basco, the far away mountains and the cloudy seas. However, before we left, we had some fun wearing taking pictures of the Traditional Ivatan Headgear.

Beside the light house was an abandoned warehouse. Just a small structure with nice painted blue windows and doors. This structure was “said” to get rehabilitated. It was a while back since I last visited, so maybe it is not a warehouse anymore.

Our next stop was Santo Domingo Cathedral, which is located in the city proper of Basco. The pretty yellow church with the well manicured shrubs and garden, was like most of the places we visited, it was desolate of people and tourists, like stepping on scenic postcards.

The last place we went to was at Taw Sen Souvenir Shop, which is also in the city. We decided to buy all our “pasalubong, ” gifts to our family and friends back home.

It was a hectic day, from our morning flight to our day tour of beautiful North Basco. I slept like a log when we got back to our hotel. But there are more to see and say. So goodbye for now. Until the next… happy reading.

To be continued…

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    1. Thank you for this info. The Philippines is indeed blessed with wonderful people and beautiful places to visit all year round. 🙂

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