Looking For a Relaxing Night

By Kariopes

If you are in the South of Manila area and looking for an affordable, cozy, and comfortable place to chill on a weekday, BF Paranaque might be the place to be. The row of Aguirre Avenue has a variety of restos that caters to many walks of life; may it be tapas or Spanish cuisine; pastas, pizzas or Italian cuisine; chapchae, samgyupsal or Korean cuisine; burgers, fries, chicken or American cuisine; and many more. Aguirre Avenue may be the answered prayer for your bellies.

As such, tonight was just that night for us cousins. We just finished our early dinner at our favorite joint, Gourmet Palate, EST, where we ate Sizzling Hungarian Sausage and Roast Beef Sandwich with Cheese. We ate at our own pace savoring each bite for we were hungry. 

We hadn’t seen each other and wanted to go to a place just to chill and relax for we were too strung out for the past weeks. And so, after Gourmet, we decided to have an early nightcap at Imbiss Manila.

As the parking attendant and servers greeted us on our way in. We opted to stay at an outside table, or al fresco. The weather was not too hot nor cold, so we chose a table that was beside the terrace fence, middle seats, with a view of the activities on Aguirre street. We were handed each the menu. We were in-luck and arrived during Happy Hour, close to 8PM and were able to avail of the Bucket of SanMig Light beer and complimentary Sausage and Nacho platter promo. There are other beer and platter options, like Tiger, Heineken, SanMig Pale or the potato wedges platter, according to our server.  

The place was not as crowded as one would expect on a weekday. There are a couple of tables here and there, as well as inside with peeps having a good time over food and beer. Anyhow, we talked a lot, catching up on this and that, including the new Point-to-point bus route that goes from Presentation of the Child Jesus Parish to Glorietta Makati that we saw passing by the street. We stayed not that long after finishing our bucket of beer and nacho platter. 

As we boarded my car, we talked about the Happy Hour Promo, which we thought was value for money. As well as, how attentive the servers were to all the guests. In fact, we were asked if we wanted another bucket of beer, which made us laugh as my cousin jokingly declined.

It was a quiet, intimate, comfortable night for us cousins. Our problems may not have been solved; but maybe just the releasing, the saying, the listening, the comments and reactions were just what our body and mind just needed to relax. If this did not work, cousin! Maybe we need another outlet, hahaha.

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