Stress; stress go away

By Bekka

When we were still young girls in our pigtails, we used to play under the rain singing the phrase, “rain rain go away come again some other day, “ if we can rephrase it now as an adult, “ stress stress go away go away” that would be great right? But reality bites, stress is part of our life whether we like it or not. Why do we get stressed out, it can be financially, family, friends, work, relationships, school and the list goes on and on. There are days that we want to drop everything, thinking tomorrow would be another day.

How do we beat stress?
⁃ Pause, face it one day at the time.
⁃ Be productive, life is short make each day count. Being busy would help you forget what is stressing you.
⁃ Pray, start your day with a prayer and end it with a prayer. Having a strong faith would help you go through stress.
⁃ Be positive, turn negative thoughts into positive to have a better outlook in life.
⁃ Go out laugh and be a kid again with your friends.
⁃ Take a vacation to recharge.
⁃ Unplug for a couple of days or so.
⁃ Change your lifestyle, try to eat healthy and get enough sleep.
⁃ Have a me time, pamper yourself.
⁃ Catch up with your reading, or watch a movie.
⁃ Write a journal.
⁃ Exercise away.
⁃ Do volunteer work, helping someone will make you feel good.

At the end of each day, it takes a great deal of maturity to accept that stress is part of our lives. What is important is how you manage it to have a balanced, happy and healthy lifestyle. Take charge and embrace each stress with a smile.

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