To Unwind is Divine

By Yelle

The hustle and bustle of everyday life can be draining, and one way to be a step above it is to find your happy pill and make time for the simple joys in life.

I simply love going on road trips. I always have the same level of anticipation every time. And whenever time permits me, this is one thing I would gladly do, over and over again.

One of my favorite destination is a municipality in Laguna which is Pagsanjan. I found my simple pleasures there with these simple treats that never fails to give me one of my widest smiles.

I want to share them and if you happen to be in the area, check them out. Who knows? You might also appreciate them the way I do!

  1. AlingTaleng’s Halo-halo

One of the iconic places to go to is Aling Taleng’s Halo-Halo. It happens to be my favorite halo-halo too. I’ve tasted a LOT, when I say a LOT, it’s really been a lot of halo-halo’s but this one is number 1 in my list.

This restaurant is very well-known among the locals and the nearby municipalities around Laguna. They had been serving this one-of-a-kind delicious halo-halo since 1933.  They also have other specialties that are a hit like bibingka sa galapon, puto bumbong and crispy pork binagoongan. They also serve burgers and a lot of Filipino food. They are open from breakfast till the afternoon.

If you’re coming in late, they have another restaurant at the back that is open till late in the evening.

What sets their halo-halo apart from the rest?

The halo-halo at Aling Taleng’s has a candied kundol (candied white gourd) as a topping instead of the usual leche flan and ube. It also has a generous amount of evaporated milk that makes is yummier. The ingredients are all homemade and cooked to perfection. It contains white and red beans, macapuno, ube halaya and a lot of preserved and candied fruits. The candied fruits have that heavenly nice texture to it.

Try it when in Pagsanjan and tell us what you think about it!

2. New Ilaya Bakery

This special toasted bread also known as Biscocho will leave you wanting for more. Unlike the typical biscocho that is hard, this one is soft and crunchy! It’s toasted and have that almost burnt appearance but it taste excellent. A pack only cost 20.00 pesos. Yes, it tastes awesomely good and it’s worth more than that!

Pair this with your favorite coffee blend, viola! this best biscocho will double the fun!

This is the famous Bulkan biscuit from the New Ilaya Bakery. This is one of the bestsellers and most sought after in this bakery. It’s also only 20.00 a pack. Another steal, this biscuit, that is really tasty. It has the right crunch and consistency of what a biscuit should be all about.

Try their goodies. They have a wide range of selection from ensaymada, Spanish bread, brownies, cheese bread, egg pie and many more.

One of the unassuming prides of Pagsanjan is the New Ilaya Bakery. Another legendary institution in the area. It gives you the take me back when I was small feeling if you go to this bakery. It gives you a nostalgic feeling of the old style bakery one grew up with. I would never really tire going back to this bakery that satisfies my palette and gives me the warm feeling of simplicity, contentment and pure joy.

A plus factor is that all their goodies are reasonably priced.

3. Lola Emma’s Kakanin

This is one of the specialty of Aling Emma. This is her own version of the classic Espasol minus the white toasted rice flour covering. One pack of these espasol cost 100 pesos only.

One of Lola Emma’s specialty that I always buy is the small freshwater shrimp that is cooked with gata until it’s dry and moist. This is one of my comfort food with freshly cooked rice and my favorite ice cold soda. It never fails to give me that dreamy satisfied look after savoring this viand. It’s reasonably priced at 100.00 pesos per pack.

A precious treasure of Laguna is Lola Emma. She’s been selling kakanin for the last 50 solid years without fail. Her old store used to be infront of the Step rite store in Pagsanjan just a short walk from the church. It’s been 5 years now that she’s in this new location. 

All of 84 years old now, she’s still strong, charming and has that ready smile for everyone. People keep coming back for her famous tikoy, bibingka, espasol and many more. I always make it a point to go see her and buy my favorites from her.

I wish Lola Emma would be around for a long-long time!

A trivia about Lola Emma is that, the late Fernando Poe’s favorite minatamis na calamansi is from Lola Emma.

I did enjoy another day of unwinding by visiting my simple joys. I found pleasure in the uncomplicated and yet divinely food that’s there for our taking. I hope you find time to indulge in the simple joys in life.

Aling Taleng’s Halo-Halo

169 General Luna St. Pagsanjan Laguna

New Ilaya Bakery

62 AH26, Pagsanjan Laguna   

Lola Emma’s Kakanin

167 General Luna St. Pagsanjan Laguna. It’s just beside Aling Telang’s

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