Are we there yet?

By Bekka

It was a great day to go out of town for a day, the sun was up and shining. We were all ready to go and explore down south.

We left 9am, and ate our breakfast at Mcdonalds. Guess what time we arrived to our first town stop? We arrived at Calauan at 1:30pm to buy pineapple, rambutan and avocado. Why did it take 4 hours to get there? If you check the speedometer our cousin’s speed was 60 kph tops, hilarious it may sound but it’s true. The day went on riding in the car most of the time and tailing the trucks because she was scared to overtake them, so she opted to stay by the bus lane.

Up until now, I can’t help laughing out loud and crying every time I think about it, I can’t get over the experience going out of town sitting at the back of the car literally forever! No one wanted to take over because: number one, she was driving stick gear; number two, the clutch of her car was really deep; lastly, she and kariopes liked driving out of town, unfortunately, kariopes needed to change the tires of her car. We were always asking her, are we there yet?

We left the house 9am, and arrived back at 12 midnight. All of us were exhausted! Aside from her driving slow she went straight ahead without even getting the ticket from MCX exit, so instead of just paying ₱97.00, she paid ₱197.00.

I had mixed emotions that day, our cousin had a lot of good traits, but driving was not one of her best point. Never the less, it was a fun day. I cherish the experience, good or bad, spending time with family. People will come and go in our lives, but we always have our family to share wonderful things in life.

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