Baking Delight

By Kariopes

I don’t know if you remember, a few weeks back, Bekka’s Banana Delight article. Here is a quick link in case you haven’t read it yet.

She has named it as such because, we both love Bake My Day’s Banana Fiesta. It has been a wonderful treat, just thinking how to explain it makes my mouth water. The bread is quite big and hearty, soft and chewy with just the right sweetness. It is topped with almond slivers, sprinklings of sugar dust and banana filling inside that oozes out as you cut into it. And the taste of the ripe banana and almonds are lovely, a common combination that is made to perfection with this bread. Yummers!

Anyways, because of its success with our palettes, Bekka has bought one for her mom, which she thinks she’ll love as well. I on the other hand, have decided there and then that I will try and copy it at home.

So here is a Youtube video, I have made for you guys. I hope you can follow, subscribe and like our channel. Enjoy watching.

Oh and I have not forgotten, here is the Dinner Roll ingredients:
– 175g bread flour
– 2/3 t instant yeast
– 1/3 t salt
– 1T sugar
– 15g butter
– 1 small egg
– 75cc water

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