Happy Tummy

By Bekka

It was really hot last Saturday. We were invited for the baptismal celebration of a relative since baptism is part of our religion, culture and tradition. After the ceremony came the reception. The baptism started at 1:00pm and lunch was at 2pm at Tito Chef in BF Parañaque. The church was 5 minutes away from the reception which was good because it would be appropriate for any function to be 30 minutes away from the church. We did not attend the baptism ceremony and went straight to the restaurant.

The decoration was really nice, dainty and simple, nothing extravagant, just right for a small party of 50-60 guests. We were the first ones to arrive, and we got the best table in the house. Everything was prepared and organized, but it was a late lunch so the guests were hungry. It would have been better if they prepared something to nibble and something to drink for the early birds. The celebration started at exactly 2pm as expected. Since it was not my first time to have tasted their food, Tito Chef never fails my expectation.

The spread they prepared were all good, but their fish in pesto sauce was really delicious. It was a simple light dish and I did not hesitate to come back for more.

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