Kaintsikan Deals

By Kariopes

I think, I may have mentioned that I love to look for good deals in everything, such as food, clothes, activities and so forth. I’m a sucker for BOGO (buy one, get one), discount vouchers or apps that offer good deals, sales or clearance. You name it, I’m probably there. My cousin sometimes would tell me, ang kaintsikan mo lumalabas (your chinese-ness is showing). I just smile and giggle whenever she notices. However, this next story does not include her.

We had a family visitor, and my mom asked me to plan an activity. So here I was searching in the internet. I came across MetroDeal and decided to try a couple of their activities.

A storm was brewing, but I insisted that we should not let the weather stop us from spending two nights in Clark, Olongapo. Since I was the instigator, I woke all of us at 4 o’clock in the morning. I was so excited and just ignored the grunts and groans of everyone. I told them, we had to go early to avoid the Edsa traffic. We were able to pass Edsa before 6 AM, so no traffic and a smooth sailing drive to our first stop, Dinosaurs Island in Mabalacat, Pampanga.

This was the first deal that I booked, which was ₱199 per person instead of ₱300. Dinosaurs Island is a theme park that involves, yes, dinosaurs. Some are animated, some are not, and one even dances, which I’ll tell later.

We had a tour guide all through out to explain the different dinosaurs, their habitat and eating habits. It was interesting, but I was enjoying the huge life-like monsters and more engrossed on selfies, groufies and just plain taking pictures. If these animals were real, I would end up as fodder because of my selfie stick and camera. While my niece would attract all the carnivores from her squeals. She said she was being eaten by mosquitos.

Anyways, here are some pictures, I have taken.

The tour only takes just a few minutes, but the guide did not push us to hurry along. At the end, we were told to seat in the bleachers for a quick show. The show was a T-Rex dancing. Not only dancing but twerking with the music. It was so funny. I had a good laugh at it.

I think, it was worth it. But I have to be frank, my niece said if she dies of zika or dengue virus, it is my fault. She’s okay. She just got traumatized by mosquitos. I liked this adventure to Dinosaurs Island. I don’t mind going back and traumatizing another kid. Hahaha. Joke only. I’m pretty sure other kids would love this park.

To be continued…

Note: Ang kaintsikan mo lumalabas (your chinese-ness is showing), is a saying when you act different or out of the norm in the society you live in. In this case, my cousin said this because of my unusual, above board triftiness.

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