Kaintsikan Deals: Tree Top Experience

By Kariopes

After our adventure into the wilds of Dinosaurs Island with all the hungry mosquitos and twerking dinosaur, we were also getting hungry. We didn’t have any preference on where and what to eat, when my brother remembered a TV show he saw on the best sisig in Pampanga, Aling Lucing’s Original Sisig. We didn’t know how to get to her eatery, but with Waze App on, we found it pretty fast.

Aling Lucing, aka Lucia Cunanan, was the re-inventor of sisig in the 70’s. She was hailed as the Original Sisig Queen when it passed the tastes bud of the American soldiers based in Clark. Her secret was in her ingredients and how it was prepared, in which grilling was involved.

Anyways, when we arrived the mixed smells of grilled chops, pigs face and fish permeated the place. We were seated, and we decided to order, obviously, the sisig in sizzling plate, and some additional fares, like stuffed steamed tilapia, pork sinigang and grilled eggplant with green mango salad.

The food we ordered were normal. A typical filipino fare. We liked it since we left empty plates over empty serving plates with just fish bones for the cats. It was affordable and worth the money. Also, just an fyi, because of the grilling, there was no closure to the eating area, wherein we had to shoo some flies from our table.

After filling up with food until contented, we checked-in first to our hotel. We freshened up a bit and headed out again for our next MetroDeal activity.

I bought the Tree Top Adventure Nature Camp at 50% off at ₱225 per person out of ₱450 for 2 different activity. The activities we chose were Silver Surfer and Interactive Freefall. There were more rides available at extra charge as a package or individually.

We did the Silver Surfer first. We grouped ourselves in twos and pointed at each other on who was to go first. Stone, paper, scissors helped us in the end. The ride doesn’t seem hard, like surfing above a jungle. It involved swinging back and forth while standing to make it move. I got a bit queasy with the swinging motion on top of the long drop to the ground. I guess, as I grew older, dizziness and height issues come up that includes my more, or is it less, 5 foot frame. Hahaha. Secret.

Onwards to the next activity, the Interactive Freefall. This was quite easy. Just standing. However, I almost lost the sisig I ate earlier. I felt my innards and its content come up to my throat on the fast drop. It was actually scary, even though we were strapped in pretty good, I felt cold sweat trickling down my spine as we were lowered down. This was why, we kind of chickened out in trying some more of the rides.

As I think about it now. I really enjoyed this once in a lifetime activity at Tree Top Adventures Nature Camp. I went out of my comfort zone and pushed my phobias to the max that day. It may not happen again for me, but with a proper challenge, the possibility of puking and fainting from fright included, who knows… I am thinking and may say, Bring it on!

To be continued…

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