Kaintsikan Deals: Zoobic

By Kariopes

Our extreme ride in the forest activity left us quite chatty afterwards except for myself. They were all talking on how scary and fun they were while I try to concentrate, waiting for my innards to settle down. Yes, for me, it was scary period. Anyway, we left the place and drove around Subic before heading back to our hotel and calling it a night.

The next day we started our day with breakfast. We had a quick walk at the San Roque Chapel, which was a few blocks away. We checked-out and went to our last activity, Zoobic Safari. I got it at ₱348 out of ₱695, a whopping 50% off at MetroDeal, which was a good deal for a last minute outing.

We waited at the receiving area for the next guided tour. They had a quick show of some of the animals, they had onsite before riding the tram.

The tour of the park included some going in and out of the tram for a sneak-peek of some animals in cages, like lions, tigers, snakes, deers, crocodiles and many more.

There was also a taxidermy place, featuring, yup, skeletons as well as stuffed ones of different animals. It was a little creepy, like entering a pet cemetery, but instead of buried animals, they were exposed reconstructed bones like when they were alive. And then there were these stuffed animals with a sad blank staring eyes, looking at you as you walk around their small room. Quite eerie and macabre, which made my skin crawl, goosebumps and hair raising and all. I ended up not taking a lot of pictures.

However, not all animals were in small cages. Some of them were allowed to roam around certain huge pens, where our tram goes around, like cows, horses, ostriches and more. This also included their highlight, the Tiger Close Encounter, wherein you could buy chicken to feed them through the grills of the tram.

It was a half-day of interesting food for thought tour. It was a little sad that these animals are now living in a small space in captivity in order to survive in todays time. I think, there is nothing that can be done, but support these small facilities, zoos and parks, so the next generation can see them in real life rather than taxidermied.

Our tour at Zoobic Safari ended just in time since the rain just started. By the time we were looking around for a place to eat lunch, it was raining heavy. It seemed, the typhoon forcasted was upon us. We had a quick lunch at Chowking and drove home. It was a full two day adventure of firsts and hopefully not the last; kaintsikan deals and all.

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  1. I find it very interesting how much Filipinos have embraced Korean culture, especially our music and fashion. I always enjoy watching YouTube videos of Pinoy dancers doing their cover of KPop groups

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