Harry’s Cafe

By Bekka

There are a lot of restaurant to choose from at Uptown BGC, for some reason we ended up eating here. It was all our our first time to try out this cafe. I was drawn to order their crispy adobo, but when we went inside they said it was sold out. I decided to try out their tapa. It would be much better if they would train their staff in taking order in, it was confusing the other staff was saying this and the other one is saying a different thing. I did not let it bother me, I just went along with it and still ordered their tapa.

The serving is big and value for money. Since there are a lot of offices around the area, their price is competitive, the tapa was well cooked, place is clean, service is fast, but never the less, I’ve had a better tapa meal else where. I tried the hotdog my cousin ordered, not bad, but not that great. I would not say it was a pleasant experience, eating experience at this cafe is average.

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