A Bump On My Head

By Kariopes

Swimming, I think, is one of the many popular outing activities here in Manila. Maybe to cool off from the hot, dust polluted roads of the Metro that often leave one feeling sweaty and grimy all over. So today, I’ll take you to Pansol Laguna for some natural hot water springs, which the town is well known for; and where the water comes from Mt. Makiling.

My earliest remembrance as a little lass of this place, was when our families and cousins would go at one of the resorts here. I wonder if it’s still around? Anyways, it was like going to a jungle with lots of trees and a few kubo houses here and there. And the roads were dirt roads with lots of potholes. It was fun passing through them for us kids because we were like jiggled, shook and shaken inside the Tamaraw jeep. We used to go to Pansol often back then because my grandad was paralized by stroke. He enjoyed the hot springs, but I think, it was seeing us all splashing around together that he loved the most.

Anyhow, now-a-days, this part of the province is riddled with resorts from big ones with waterslides to houses with pools for rent. My brother drove me to La Vista Pansol Resort in Calamba, Laguna to meet my old time University friend and her family, who now resided in California. She invited me for an overnight swimming and some catching-up. It was a long tiring bus trip from Quezon City for them, and since it was lunchtime, we decided to eat first. We then checked-in and paid the deposit.

We were shown two rooms because they didn’t like the first room, which smelled musty. So we opted for the one near the swimming pool with the slides.

Before taking a dip, we decided to walk around the resort, which was quite huge. They have a wave pool, slide pool, children’s pool, function halls, bar, fish spa, a zipline and even a small zoo. They have everything that kids and kids at heart will surely enjoy. And they are always open, 24 hours a day, all day. It was fun just looking around, taking pictures here and there.

But swimming is a must, so we dressed up to take a dip on the warm waters. It was relaxing, so we took our time just lazing about, floating and chatting along. I brought my underwater camera, and we had fun taking pictures. There was a lifeguard always on duty by the way, even at night.

Yup, the swimming pool was open, they had a disco light ball with music blaring, while we drank a couple of beers in the pool. It was party time.

The next day, we woke up early to try the slides. The very top one was not open, but the first two levels, where open. The first one was ok. It was just a short straight slide. It was fun. The second level, which had a slight turn was dangerous. My head bumped the sides of the slide walls, which was made of cement. My head felt like I was sucker punched or something. We didn’t go back for seconds after that.

We stayed at the resort until after lunch, but before checking-out, we held Mr. Smiley on our shoulders for one last picture. He was heavy, cold, smooth and silky to the touch. I wasn’t that scared, but my friend was, maybe that was why Mr. Smiley kept going her way.

It was an overnight of catching up and a dash of some needed relaxation, under the sun and under the moon in natures hot spring waters of La Vista Resort. A memory that left a bump on my head.

Note: For more info and current rates, please contact:

La Vista Pansol Resort Norville Subdivision, Barangay Pansol Calamba, Laguna

Phone Numbers Laguna Office: (049) 834-1121 / (049) 545-1850 Manila Office: (02)519-4215 Mobile: 0915-211-0737 / 0923-179-2014 E-Mail: Lavistapansolresort_laguna@yahoo.com

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