Just Another Day

By Kariopes

It was like any other day when my friends and I planned our next out of the city escapade. There were seven of us that day. With Waze on, we traversed SLEX without any incident. Yup. There were no delays, no mishaps and, most of all, I did not get lost. It was a relief for all of us, and we were right on track going to La Virginia Hotel and Resort in Mataas na Kahoy, Batangas.

La Virginia Hotel and Resort is a privately owned 8 hectares resort. There are several swimming pools with themed huts. There are lots of instagrammable attractions, like the Buddha View Deck, Ifugao Village, Castle and many more. They also offer outdoor activities like pool slides, zipline, archery and wall climbing. There is a hotel, a restaurant on site and plenty of parking space.  It is like a small Disneyland Resort tucked away in Batangas without the rollercoaster rides. All we need is Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

At any rate, we registered and chose a hut that can accommodate 8-10 people near one of the pools. We dropped our packed lunch and other things at the tables and decided to have a survey of the place. With our cameras, tripod, cellphones and selfie sticks at hand, we excitedly started our picture ops. We had a blast posing around the resort attractions, it would bring out the models and photographers in you. We got a bit lost with all the winding trails and stairs, started heaving, panting out of breath from the ups and downs of the hilly resort, but all in all we enjoyed it. It worked out an appetite that left us all very hungry in the end. As such, as soon as, we reached our hut, we were like starved for food. Eating and drinking was a pleasure. We ate at our hearts content while chatting away. We watched the kids swim while we rested a bit before diving in the swimming pool.

The pool water was cold at first, but we got the hang of it by keeping our body below the water and just the head sticking out. We swam, chatted, posed for more pictures under the afternoon sun. We stayed until sawa. It was only when we noticed our wrinkled fingers and toes and the slight darkening of our skins that we clambered up the pool. We were all hungry again and ate for a bit before changing to dry clothes.

When everyone was all set and ready, we packed up. We decided to do a last picture op with King Kong. We left around 4PM and set for home. It was just another day of fun, eating, relaxation in the water and under the sun. A time well spent with friends and another memory to cherish at La Virginia Resort.

For more information and current rates, contact:

La Virginia Hotel and Resorts – Barangay Manggahan, Mataas na Kahoy, Batangas Contact No. (043) 774-9445 or (043) 774-9483 Globe 905-426-1967

Driving Direction:

  • From Alabang-Zapote Rd. head towards Muntinlupa towards SLEX South
  • SLEX South past STAR tollway going to Lipa Batangas
  • Exit Lipa and turn left to President Jose P. Laurel Highway
  • Turn right at Mataas na Kahoy

Note: Sawa means until you get tired.

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