Gala Turista at Aguinaldo Shrine

By Kariopes

My patriotism is still at a high today, or this year. There might be something up with the stars or something, haha. Maybe. Be that as it may, I have thought of going to another Philippine heroes’ footstep, General Emilio Aguinaldo.

It was just a typical quintessential day, with not a place or destination in mind, my friends and I out of curiosity, spontaneously decided to visit the Aguinaldo Shrine, in Kawit Cavite. The museum currently is free and there is a guided tour in the beginning. The Shrine museum was the ancestral home of Emilio Aguinaldo, the first President of the Philippines. This historical place was where the first ever flag of the Philippines was presented in the balcony to signal the first Independence of the Philippines. Do you see the flag in the balcony?

A few facts about our first President:

  • He was born from a well-to-do family of Filipino-Chinese descent at Kawit Cavite.
  • He was married twice and had five children.
  • He worked in various local government.
  • He witnessed and served three wars, the Philippine-Spanish war, Spanish-American War, and Philippine-American War.
  • He died of an ailment due to old age.
  • He donated his ancestral house to the Philippine government, hence the museum.  

There are more interesting facts about his life that I have not mentioned. So please go ahead and read it. You may learn a bit more of our National Hero.

Inside the house, there are a lot of old paraphernalia’s that the Aguinaldo family have kept and left in the care of the National Government. There are his clothes, which we noticed was a bit small, much like a child’s clothing. He really must be short in stature. There are boots, sabers, guns, as well as, a bronze bust of General Aguinaldo. There are miniature replicas and paintings of the rebellion as well.

The house showcase the old Spanish influenced architecture. The two-storey house is made of wood primarily. The large living room, the bedrooms and the many furniture of the time, they were the first few illustrados who had wash closets with a shower and bathtub, and they had a swimming pool as well.

The tour could take just a few minutes or more, depending on your preference. But because we love taking group pictures of this and that, of here and there, we stayed a few hours. It was a wonderful place, a timeless house where Filipino Illustrados would congregate maybe to talk politics and whatnots. I could just imagine what the house had gone through all these years. The ghosts of the past still vivid and alive in the antiquities and many furnishings. Maybe a simple life, I wouldn’t mind travelling back in time for.

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