Around the Bend Street Food

By Kariopes

One of the most common phrases, we say a lot in the family is, “Saan tayo kakain?” (Where are we going to eat?). You see, looking for a place to eat on a Sunday is getting harder and harder, as well as tiresome in a way. I guess, it is one of the many problems of families who doesn’t like cooking on a Sunday. So here I am, looking through my food files in Facebook and Instagram. I think, I have not shared our dining experience at Eat Fresh Hong Kong Famous Street Food, and maybe this is a great time to introduce this tucked-away, unobscured eatery away from the busy streets of BF.

I’m not sure why this restaurant does not have that many clients during Sunday brunch. They have a pretty good selection of food to choose from. We have tried a couple and they have been quite good. Let me give you a round-down of what we have tried so far.

As a starter, there are the HK street food on stick. We’ve tried Squid Fingers, which in Filipino term squid balls. There was nothing unusual and tasted the same. Then there is the Yakitori. I love this one since every piece was different, like Enoki mushroom, asparagus and another mushroom, which I am not sure what is called, all wrapped in bacon on a stick. The sauce, which was drizzled was just the perfect complement, sweet and slightly tangy, much like teriyaki, or maybe it was teriyaki? Haha. I did not ask the server. So, let’s leave it as a guess.

Anyways, next is the dim sum. We have tried the Siomai. Like in any other Chinese restaurants, it came on a bamboo steamer, in fours and tasted the same. We just love dim sum. No other comment.   

For our main entrée, we have tried the set meal. There is the Asado in Braised Noodles. The pork asado was good and sweet, however, I found the noodle quite bland. I had to use some seasonings, so there would be some taste to it. I suggest order it with rice instead.

Another one is the Asado and Lechon Macau with Rice. I liked this one a lot. With the same pork asado sweetness, the crunchy pork lechon, and steamed bokchoy greens, it was all just delicious. Just the right amount of food in the plate to fill my belly until it bulged. Burp.

The Hong Kong Style Fried Noodle is another that I really suggest trying. It was quite flavorful and good. Together with the food in the stick, it should appease any tummy.

There is still a huge selection in their menu, I have not tried that looks promising. I think the ambience, which is not as crowded as some of the other Chinese restaurants, the cleanliness, the service, the serving size, the taste of the food itself and the prices of each order is a bargain and nominal in price. Eat Fresh Hong Kong Famous Street Food is an establishment just around the bend that I do not mind going back to.

Eat Fresh Hong Kong Famous Street Food is located at 48 President’s Avenue, BF Homes, Paranaque

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