Childhood Treat

By Kariopes

One of my treasured memories as a kid was when we would come running out the gate when we hear the cry of “Taho! Taho!” by the street peddlers. We would shout “Taho” in return to call his attention. He would approach us, put down the two stainless steel drums hanging from a pole in his shoulders and ask how many. He would then fill plastic cups with some layers of silken soft tofu, then some small rice pearls and finally some sweet sugary arnibal. The plastic cups would be hot to the touch, and we would scoop spoonfuls of it into our mouths. This was how I first came to love and know Taho.  

Today, the taho vendors sell their products in different ways, the old way as I have mentioned, on a sidecar with a bike and in kiosks inside the malls. I now buy it mainly in the malls. Soy Yummy.

Soy Yummy has been in business for over ten years. They import their main ingredient, soy beans, from Canada. They offer, Taho, which is freshly made, hot or chilled. They also sell Fresh Soy Milk, Soy Refreshers and Honey Soymilk Milktea Soy. I mainly go for the hot Taho, but I have tried the chilled version as well. Tastewise, it is less malansa, or less fore taste, than when you order from the streets. The sweetness is slightly less sweet, which I like. The price is way-high, but the quality is definitely better. However, there are varieties sold usually in the provinces, where they offer strawberry or ube flavors that I suggest you should try. 

When all things are said and done, stopping by Soy Yummy is a treat I wouldn’t dare miss out on, especially after some walking and browsing around the many stores. Taho is my go to quick power up snack food, before, now and maybe forever, unless I develop gout, or inflammatory arthritis…

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    1. Thank you for the thumbs up. Taho is a wonderful treat you shouldn’t miss when visiting Asia, especially my hometown, the Philippines. Please do check back for new posts. Enjoy! 🙂

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