Taste of Barcino

By Bekka

Another fun and exciting day awaits, I’ m about to meet up with my friends at Greenbelt 5. Like what normally happens, the one nearest comes in last. To my surprise my friend, who had a meeting at MOA, arrived in first at Barcino. My other friend waited for me patiently at Zara while I was slightly stuck in traffic. I was 10 minutes late.

When we got there she already ordered paella chorizo y pollo, pan con jamon serrano, pan con jamon serrano y queso, croquetas con setas. She asked me what drink will we have, I told her red wine would be great. We ordered for vino dulce val conde a must try.

We we’re all seated comfortably while waiting for the food, since all of us were hungry. We started digging in, as soon as, the food arrived. We we’re down with the first bottle and ordered for another one with manchego queso on the side.

The dining experience was awesome. Every dish was delicious, the owner is really hands on. Service wise, it was good and affordable for the paying market. We we’re all having fun and almost forgot the time. We don’t want to be out so late and our friend from Quezon City got drunk. We all decided to call it the night. It’s always fun to be out with friends, good food and enjoyable conversation make a meal delightful. Till my next fun night with the ladies.

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