Bust The Move

By Bekka

I want to share my experience, it is really important to be aware of your surroundings. In three different occasion, we spotted these people eyeing us before going to the grocery. We do our grocery in a mall all the time, we usually have our lunch first then go to the grocery.

The first time was when I was seated alone at Tokyo Tokyo, we bought donuts before eating. I was left alone when my daughter went to the 4th floor to have something printed out. This lady went up to me asking me about the donuts I bought. I just told her where to buy it, and I looked away, good thing my daughter came back right away. After eating we went down to the grocery, and there she was again. When I told my daughter about it, the lady noticed that we were talking about her, after that she was nowhere in sight.

The second incident was the time we brought our dog with us, we were eating at Pizza Hut, and our dog was seated on my left side. A lady sat alone to the table next to us on my left, it took her awhile to order and kept on texting then looking at our dog. She was edgy for some reason, then a man came. She stopped texting the minute he sat to the other table near her. He would look around from time to time. We all noticed her strange behavior. We finished our food right away, when she heard that we were getting our bill, she called the waiter for her bill too. The lady followed us to the grocery, but then she gazed and realized that we are aware, bust the move, she left right away.

The 3rd incident, finally after eating, we went into the same department store while we were looking around, I made a quick trip to the ladies room. There was this lady who came out of the cubicle, the minute I rushed out. It was just the two of us inside, and she was glaring at me. I decided to move along as fast as I can and told my daughter about the it. When we were going down the escalator, she was going down as well, she followed us to the grocery again. But when she realized that she’s busted in a flash, she was nowhere to be found.

I’m so thankful that we are not harmed in any way, and we’re always aware and alert of our surroundings. It will be best to have someone with you all the time if you are going to the mall or wherever. They can be easily spotted, and they don’t work alone. Somebody opened my bag before, when I was trying out a pair of shoes and took what was inside. Since then, I became cautious of my surrounding. These people are in the malls looking for a victim, especially now that the holidays are just around the corner. Beware of these people. From my experiences, they were elderlies. You wouldn’t think they would be suspicious, but they certainly are.

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