On Depression

By Kariopes

Once upon a time, I woke up from a bad dream. I dreamt that I was working double time on some problem issues at work. I felt frantic, my heart was racing, ready to cry. This bad feelings was what woke me up with a jolt. Sitting in bed while looking at the time. I knew something was all wrong. That I was now affected by my work to have dreamt it.

By force of will, I prepared for another work day. I felt sluggish and drained; and really did not want to go. But I did. I drove to work, placed on a fake smile and said good morning to my co-workers, not mentioning anything was up. I tackled everything that I could do, updated some files, faxed memos and replied to e-mails and so forth. It was taxing. But I did it anyway. I felt a migraine and shrugged it off as not eating on time. I did not mention anything to anyone. I went home quietly.

I was releived that I was home. I did not cook. I did not eat. I just sat. Turned on the TV, staring at it blankly. I did not say anything to my family. After a time, which I couldn’t tell how long, I changed and dropped on my bed. I wanted to sleep. To sleep and not get up. To not dream of work, which I thought was a nightmare.

Then morning came. Same thing. Same feeling. I decided to call in sick. So I stayed in bed, crying. I slept all day. Not getting up. Not eating again. Until days turned to weeks, and weeks turned to months. I lost 30lbs. I felt nothing.

How do you cope with depression?

Depression affects around 500 million people around the world, according to the World Health Organization. Now a days, it is a common occurance, which is caused by many factors, like work, school, people we encounter, and so forth. It develops within until it consumes you as a person. But you can stop this…

– By consulting with family, friends, co-workers and even a psychiatrist. Opening up issues that may be affecting you is the first step, for these people may be able to help. You don’t have to be alone. They can help you tackle the problem.

– By taking time off. Taking a break on your daily routine may help you. Going on a short vacation, or sabbatical, or a retreat, or a day at the spa, can recharge, relax and rejuvinate you in so many ways, including your way of thinking. It can give you time to reflect and find solutions to the problem.

– By taking medicines. There are times that prescription medicines given by your doctor is the best solution. It addresses the chemical imbalance in the brain, alliviating your feelings of anxiety, loneliness and other negative thoughts; and giving you a more positve outlook.

Every person goes through different challenges in their lives. Knowing the signs of depression are sometimes subtle, and addressing it right away is the best way to overcome this. I am not an expert on depression, but keeping a postive outlook in life, however dim your current position is, is what will get you through all of lifes challenges. Do not lose hope. So look up. Smile and look on the brightside. Things will work out for the good. Stay positive.