Lambana by Tipsy Tales

By Bekka

Before seeing the play, I checked out the site of Tipsy Tales, I don’t want to kill the fun. I just want to know what to expect. We were the ones who picked the date and time. When we arrived at Eastwood, we went straight to the venue to check it out, since there are a lot of time to spare we had our lunch first.

When we went back to the reception area, we filled out an information sheet and Nikki briefed us. After a while she ushered us to the receiving area, so we can interact with the people who will be joining us to see the play.

When it was time for the play, we were brought to see Lola Mila, who welcomed us in her old-fashioned house. She started telling the story, and it was time to explore the other part of the house.

Like what they say, it was a dream-like world in a immersive experience learning about Filipino folklore. It was a different way of telling the story, you will be engaged as the play goes along. The excitement continuous, enjoying the 75 minutes of interactive play.

Production transported each room at its best, and the actors portrayed their role amazingly. It was a unique experience that you would like to experience with your loved ones. It’s a must see play, kudos to Tipsy Tales!