Chickin’ Winger

By Kariopes

Did you know, it is National Chicken Wings Day? I just learned it today. It is said that this holiday was first celebrated in New York in 1977. It is not acknowledged in any law or legal books, but is celebrated in some parts of the United States to commemorate the winged food, Buffalo Wings. And so, this is why I have decided to write about this new all-you-can-eat restaurant in BF, Winger Winger.

This joint serves, you know it, chicken wings. They have a variety of flavors that they offer, like sweet sriracha, honey barbecue, pesto, chili garlic and many more. When eating there, I suggest to go for the 6 choice flavor platter at first, so that you can taste which ones are to your liking. You can always order more or a different flavor anyways.

The seat-in price is ₱250 per person with unli-rice. There is an additional for unli-iced tea and dipping sauce, which I don’t think is necessary at all since the chicken wings are well covered in sauce already. Hindi tinipid (they did not skimp), which was great. Also, there is a no left over policy, or else you pay.

However, if you are not into chicken, they also offer unli-steak and salad buffet for ₱600 per person.

I like the ambience of the place. The waiter is pretty attentive to our orders. Parking is good, but for some reason, there are not that many customers yet. It is one of the many unli-chicken wings place that I find really affordable.

It is Chicken Wings Day, why not fly over to Winger Winger Restaurant. You just might like their chickin’ wingers.

Winger Winger Restaurant is located at, 318 Aguirre Ave. BF Homes Paranaque