Bite Off More

By Bekka

It’s been a while since I’ve last seen my friend from college, we lost touch when she moved to Spain. Nobody knew that she was part of our college group chat. I’m suppose to go down south over the weekend, but my schedule was tight that week. We’re suppose to meet up at Alabang Town Center, something came up, and I told her to reschedule unless she wants to meet me up at BGC. She told me she can meet me up at Taguig instead. When I asked her where to meet, she told me, we can eat at Wildflour. I did not eat lunch, so I would not be bloated and stuffed.

I ordered for baked mac, honey cake to share and banana smoothie. While my friend ordered for BLT sandwich, coffee and croissant. We were chatting away and did not notice that our order came. We shared everything on the table slowly, finishing the food. I ordered for tea that can goes well with the scrumptious honey cake. Little do I know, one of the chef there is the niece of my friend, she came over to our table and offered us dessert.

Since we already ordered cake, she asked us if we already tried their ice cream at Farmacy. We told her we haven’t tried it yet, she asked us if we want to try out. We told her we’re so full and just finishing up the cake. After a while the waitress came with an order of ice cream, no room for more, but when we tried it after a while we can’t stop eating. It was really good and I already told my family and friends about it.

It was a delightful experience eating at this restaurant as always. Cheers to good food, good company and to good life.