My Quarantined Life

By Kariopes

I thought my year started out okay. There was this one overnight trip to an island in Batangas with my Cookery group. And then a one day road and swimming trip with my Food and Beverage group. News on an NCoV (Novel Corona Virus) outbreak in China, I thought was not that concerning that I even went to Leyte for a week of adventure. I was having a blast, but little do I know that a Quarantine was being implemented by the Philippine government. Luckily, I was able to go home before it came into effect.

Now life is so surreal. It is like the movies that we are so used to watching, now happening in real life. There is a Community Quarantine with a curfew in effect that is going on its third week now. I haven’t gone out of our village since. The quarantine is so strict that only one person per household can go out to buy food, medicine and gasoline. Unfortunately for me, my younger brother took that post. 

I used to walk with my cousin, who lives a few houses away. We would walk with other neighbors, who are doing the same in the afternoons. Afterwards, I would bike around the same route for a few minutes. I thought the quarantine would be a good time to exercise and possibly- hopefully shed some excess weight. Until, COVID-19 (Corona Virus Disease 2019), the new term for NCoV, hits our small quarantined world. One of our neighbors died of COVID-19. It was the last time I saw my nearest relatives. It gave us goosebumps that it would hit really close to our homes. It was also my last day to step foot out of our house. 

My life now revolves in a smaller box, our house. My cell phone, laptop and television are the only ears and eyes to the outside world. I talk to friends through Facebook and messenger. Life now is so uncertain. Concerning. However, it also gave me the time to read and reflect on what is happening. Maybe God is telling us that humanity has strayed. That we have become too materialistic, narcissistic, power hungry, neglectful stewards to nature, and so forth. Maybe He is telling us to go back to a simplistic way of life together with our families and friends. To reestablish our connection with God. To care for one another and the world… 

I don’t know what will happen in the coming weeks. But I pray that a complete cure or vaccine to COVID-19 can be discovered soon. Our quarantined life may be boring, but it is for our own safety, as well as our families. So Please Stay Home For Now, Help Our Frontliners, Stop The Spread Of The Virus And Save Lives.